Lemosho Route Kilimanjaro

Lemosho Route is one of the most scenic and less crowded routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa stands at 5,895 meters above the sea level.

This route starts at the Lemosho Gate in west side of the mountain, proceeds through the rainforest zone and crosses the beautiful Shira Plateau before joining the Machame Route at Lava Tower. From there, the route descends towards the Barranco Camp in the south and ascends to the summit point via Barafu Camp(The base camp).

The Lemosho Route Kilimanjaro is known for its excellent acclimatization profile, allowing climbers to gradually adjust to the altitude and increase their chances of reaching the summit.

It takes 6 to 9 days to complete the entire Lemosho route climb with considerable high success rate.

The Lemosho Route is considered a moderate challenging trek suitable for experienced hikers with good physical fitness level and stamina. Climbers should be conscious and get well prepared for cold temperatures and high altitude conditions.

This route rewards the most stunning views of the mountain's glaciers, rainforests, and valleys, as well as a variety of wildlife, including elephants, buffaloes, and colobus monkeys.

It is recommended to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with a reputable and experienced operator who can provide the necessary equipment, guides, and support to ensure a safe and enjoyable trek.

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