Hadzabe Tribe Cultural Day Trip Tanzania

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Hadzabe Tribe Cultural Day Trip Tanzania Tanzania Safari


Let’s spend the day trip with the Tanzania Hadzabe Tribe Cultural tribe residence, ancient hunter-gatherers who inhabit the land nearby Lake Eyasi, a gorgeous soda lake that’s part of the Great Rift Valley of East Africa. You will be having the opportunity to engage with the Hadzabe people and learn all about hunting techniques, survival skills, food preparation and learning their cultural norms. Hadzabe people search food alone, and return home with golden honey, sweet fruit, or hearty wild animals (meat) when discovered (hunted). Women go out in large groups and forage for bright berries, baobab fruit, and tubers, depending on availability the such variety of snacks as their sources of food. In the rainy, wet season, sweet honey is the main staple of their diet along with colorful fruit, tubers, and hunted meat. Adjusting their diets to the seasons this tribe are incredibly skilled, selective and opportunistic seekers. They have only themselves to rely on to feed their families and tribe.

Hadzabe Tribe Cultural Day Trip Tanzania
Hadzabe Tribe Cultural Day Trip Tanzania
Hadzabe Tribe Cultural Day Trip Tanzania


Early in the morning you will wake up and start a journey from Arusha (recommended because of the length of the journey) or Moshi at around 4 AM so that you reach at Lake Eyasi near Ngorongoro Crater at around 11 AM. You will start experiencing the Hadzabe cultural trip involving learning about hunting, survival skills learning, food preparation and learning about their cultural norms. In the late afternoon, you will start a journey back to Moshi/Arusha for your rest.

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